How to Generate word document file in php Laravel

In this example, I will explain how to create a docs file using php laravel 5. I will show you a simple way to generate a docx file in laravel 5.8. You can easily create word document file in laravel 5. we will generate *.doc file without using any composer package.

we will generate doc file from html content in laravel 5 app.

We may need some time to create docs file from database in laravel. if you need the same requirement then you can easily reach to produce word document.

We will use a header with html content and the file name is *.docx. we can use simple html tags like p, strong, ul, li etc. All tags will support to create docs files. You can follow this tutorial to create a docs file in a simple way.

Route::get('generate-docs', function(){
    $headers = array(
    $content = '<html>
            <head><meta charset="utf-8"></head>
                <p>My Content</p>
    return \Response::make($content,200, $headers);

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