Why didn't Apple sue Commodore over the Amiga's GUI?

Why didn't Apple sue Commodore over the Amiga's GUI? Famously, in the late 1980's Apple sued Microsoft over the "look and feel" of Windows 2.x. The claim was that Windows breached Apple's copyright by being too similar to the Mac UI. Apple ultimately lost, but as the Wikipedia page on the subject explains some of the contested elements were:

The existence of windows on the screen
Rectangular windows which could be resized, overlap and have title bars
The Amiga's Workbench and intuition.library provided all of these features, along with many other elements and concepts shared with the Mac UI. These were demonstrated in 1984 and released publicly in 1985, yet Windows 2.0 didn't appear until late 1987.

So why didn't Apple sue Commodore/Amiga for the same breach of "look and feel"? Was it because Commodore was simply beneath Apple's radar at the time, or was the Apple vs Microsoft more about politics than technology?

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