Laravel Error Illuminate\Support\Manager::createDriver()

Laravel Error Illuminate\Support\Manager::createDriver()

I just got error in my laravel project, and the error was Illuminate\Support\Manager::createDriver(). I was able to solve this problem, so i want to share it here, in case someone else had the same error.

The Illuminate\Support\Manager::createDriver() error message is indicating that you are missing configuration files, like mail config, cache config or queue config. In my case it was cache config.

Missing argument 1 for Illuminate\\Support\\Manager::createDriver()
Make sure you have all config related to your application, if the error still happens then you are still missing the config. In my case i'm working on laravel 4.2, so the config files are located at app/config/. But if you are using laravel 5, the config are in .env file, make sure you check that.

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