Registration Form with real time validations

Hello Guys! It's time to start another tutorial. This time I thought to do a practical and real world example as  a web application. It's a Registration form! Now you will get bored. If so, you are going miss the opportunity. This is not a simple form guys! It has a lot of functionalities including validations done real time...When you register to a site you may already have seen these functionalities.But today I'm going to show you how to implement them!!! These are functions this form has...
  • Check username availability 
  • Check username length 
  • Check email type 
  • Check phone number length 
  • Check image format 
  • Image upload and preview Image remove 
  • Check password length 
  • Check password strength 
  • Check confirm password matching 
Impressive? We can go ahead step by step.. First I need to tell you the technologies that I will use today.
  • Codeigniter as PHP framework
  • Bootstrap as CSS framework
  • Ajax and jQuery
  • jQuery and CSS plugins Validation plugin and Dropify plugin
Download Links:
  1. Click here Download Dropify and here you have a simple documentation on it. Special thanks goes to Jeremy FAGIS for this amazing plugin!
  2. Click here to download jQuery validation plugin.
  3. Codeigniter
  4. Bootstrap
Download Source CodeRegistration Form

Since I'm a guy works with Codeigniter, here you have to setup your project with CI.

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