DataTables Plugin available in jQuery with Bootstrap

Hello guys! Today I will tell you how to use a jQuery plugin to display database records in a table. I must say as a beginner, this is an amazing plugin that makes our work much easier. It's name is DataTables plugin.Only few lines of codes are required. It is connected with Bootstrap. The styling part is done using Bootstrap. So I'm going to tell you the way to use this plugin.

Remember! This is working for TABLES in HTML. You can use it when you want to display records using a table.

When you surf on web, you may have seen some records are shown in a specific way with a search bar and paginated pages. I think you will. This is the way how we can do it. A short demo has been uploaded to get an idea about what I'm going to do today. Watch it.

Ok guys...Now our DataTable has been implemented completely..At the moment I got to know about this plugin, I was amazed because I have wasted too much time to implement pagination using PHP..This is so easy! So, I invite you to try this and introduce the others if they don't know the way to get pagination, sorting and searching for a set of database records..Hope you will follow me and get the maximum advantage..
Good Luck!

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