How to enable Autosave feature in Sublime Text editor

Sublime Text is considered as a very popular text editor used for coding purposes. It is very easy to use and having so many features that makes our work easier. Sublime Text 3 is the latest version and it is better than the previous versions. In this article I will explain the way how to enable autosave option without using codes. You have to follow very simple steps.

Step 1

Open Sublime Text and press ctrl+shift+p buttons together. 

Step 2

Package Control will be opened and then type "install" and wait for a search result called install package

Hit enter. Then Package control will be installed. You will see a message like this after completing the installation.

Step 3

Again press ctrl+shift+p buttons together to open Package Control. Then search for "autosave". When it is found, hit enter. 

Then autosave feature will be added to the editor. A text file will be opened automatically displaying the details of autosave feature.

Step 4

Now press ctrl+shift+p buttons together again and type autosave. Now you will get several options since now the feature has been installed.
  1. Toggle AutoSave: all files
  2. Toggle AutoSave: current file only
  3. Toggle AutoSave Backup: current file only
Select all files option and hit enter. Now you have installed the option to save any file opened in the editor automatically.

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