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How to add report datasource in ireport designer

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

This article is related to jasper reports, before creating reports in jasper using ireport designer we need to add report datasource. It means that from which source report data comes. I will show you how to add report data source in ireport designer step by step.

1- Open Jaspersoft iReport Designer and click on "Report Datasource" icon.

2- Connections/ Datasource dialog box will open. From this click on "New" button.

3- Another dialog box will open from here select first option "Database JDBC Connection" and click "Next".

4- Now add your credentials for "Database JDBC Connection".

  • Name -- your data source name
  • JDBC Driver -- select "PostgreSQL (org.postgresql.Driver)" in case of PostgreSQL
  • JDBC URL -- jdbc:postgresql://localhost:your_port_number/DatabaseName 
  • Username -- database user
  • Password -- user password

After adding above credentials click on "Test" button to check your connection success/failed status and than click on "Save" button to finish your data source connection.