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How to add read more link button in blogger

Monday, November 20, 2017

Blogger shows your whole posts on your archive, label and home page by default. This can be a real pain for your users if your posts goes too much long. Because longer posts takes too much time for loading, and this can be reason for your blogs loading time. And readers of your blog have to wait until your entire posts loads.
In this article I will show you how to overcome this issue.

To inserting Jump Break feature of blog we can handle this issue. There are many tutorials on internet that advises you to deal with this issue by modifying your bloggers HTML theme. And you know that editing your bloggers theme is a dangerous activity. So here we are going to achieve this functionality by using bloggers Jump Break feature.

Jump Break

By using jump break feature of Blogger we can easily add read more link button to our posts instead of modifying HTML/Theme. You don't need to edit your blogs template. You have to do only use Jump Break button when editing or writing your posts to determine the place where you need to show Read More button. This will expand your posts automatically. Follow these steps to achieve Read More functionality.

1- Sign In to your Blogger account.
2- Navigate to your blogger's dashboard and choose your desired blog which you want to customize.
3- Now click on Posts its located on left side of your window,for new post click on New Post button and for already created posts click on your desired post on which you want to add Read More link button. 

4- Here you will enter post title for your blog, after adding post title name we will add content for our post in content area and click on Jump Break button. Clicking this button will insert a grey line in your posts, but don't worry this line will not be visible after publishing your post. It shown only in editor mode. 

Now publish or update your post to view changes. You will see that new your posts have Read More link button.