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Create your first ionic framework app Hello World

Friday, November 10, 2017

In my previous post we have installed and setup ionicframework. Now we are at this stage to create our first app in ionic framework. Today we are going to create very simple application Hello World and explain ionic app structure.


Create Hello World ionic project 

To create new ionic or cordova project somewhere on computer open command prompt and change your directory where you want to create your ionic project and type below command.
ionic start HelloWorld blank --type ionic1
In the above command “blank” means we are going to create empty or blank project. Instead of blank project ionic offers three template to use.
  1. Blank
  2. Tabs
  3. Side Menu

If you want to create your own template style app than you can use blank app, if you want to create an app that looks like Instagram App, you might start off with Tabs. If you would like something more special like Facebook App than you might use Side Menu template.
But here we are going to create a simple hello world app that’s why we use “blank” template, and the type of our project is ionic1 that’s why here we used “- -type ionic1”, If you want to develop your ionic framework project in version 2  than you might used -- type ionic2 instead of ionic1. Notice that the structure of ionic2 version is totally different form ionic1.

Once the above command will be executed you will see following screen.

That will create a folder named HelloWorld in your selected directory. Next go to your project directory by using cd command.

The above screen shows the outer structure of your ionic project.
used to set bower dependencies for your project

This file holds all of your cordova configuration

gulp tasks

custom cordova hooks to execute on specific commands

All of your ionic configuration exists here.

Used to handle node dependencies

iOS/Android specific builds will reside here

where your cordova/ionic plugins will be installed

scss code, which will output to www/css/

Mostly used directory of the application - All of our JS code and libs, CSS, images, etc will be reside in this directory.

Now that we have created our first app in ionic framework, now its time to run our first app. To run ionic project use below command.

ionic serve

After executing above command you will redirect to this URL http://localhost:8100/.

If you found above screen that's mean you have created your first project successfully. So for we have to do nothing with our code, and the topic of this article is to create a Hello World app. Now it's time to change our code to show Hello World instead of Ionic Blank Starter. To do so follow these steps.

1- Open your project folder in sublime text editor.
2- Click on www directory and open index.html file

3- To display Hello World change Ionic Blank Starter to Hello world

4- To view your changes go to this URL http://localhost:8100/ and press F5.

Today we created our first Hello World application using ionic framework and cordova, we have also learned the structure of ionic project. If you have any question please comment. In my next few posts I will show you how to use different type of Ionic CSS Components and how to get dynamic values on that component. In my next article we will discuss about AngularJS that will be used to display dynamic values in our project.