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Create pages with label in blogger

Thursday, November 2, 2017

This article is very helpful for those who want to show their post on specified page only. In this post I will create a page named "Jasper Report" and a new post and assign this post to a label, remember this label should represent your page e.g. "Jasper Report". You can create as many labels for your post. Below image shows what we are going to achieve here.

We want to show "Jasper Report" page after "Miscellaneous" page or tab.

1- First of all Create a New Post if you have not used the label before
2- After this add a label to your post here I will give three label to one post (Jasper Report, iReport, Jaspersoft) and click on done.

3- Now publish your post and open this post in browser, scroll down until you found your added label and click one of them.

4- When you click on the label it will open a new page. If you go through the URL of this page this will found very specific. Its looks like "" copy this url.

5- Now in the left side click on "Layout" and add "Page Gadget" by clicking edit button.

6- A dialog box will open here you need to click on "+ Add external link"

7- Now add your page title and page link (which we copied in step no 4)

8- Click on "Save Link" button. You will see below image and click "Save" to finish this activity.

Now each time you post a new blog post with the label it will goes to your mentioned page from a list of pages.