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How to add a page to a blogger

Monday, October 30, 2017

     To day I will show you how to add pages or tabs in your blog. For your understanding I will show you first that what we are going to do in this post. Below screen shot shows what we are going to achieve.

Now its time to add pages or tab (pages are not part of your blog's timeline, rather they are main page of your blog like "Home Page") in our blog. To do so follow these steps.

1- Sign In to your blogger account (
2- After login select your blog which you want to add the page from drop down list located below the word blogger on upper left side of the page. As shown in screen shot.

3- Now click on "Pages" its located on left side of your screen.

4- Click on "New Page" button, after clicking you will redirect on following screen/page.

Here you will enter page title for your blog, example of typical page titles are (Home,About etc) but you will enter any name for page title. Here I will give "Home Page" as page title. After adding page title name we will add content for our home page. Here I will write any description for my home page.

5- Now click on "Publish" button it's in the upper right of your screen. This action will live your created page on blog.
6- After publishing your page now it time to add gadget for your page. To do so go to click on "Layout" menu which is located on left side of your screen.

You need to add the Page gadget to create links from your main blog to any pages you create, if you have not added this before.

7- Now click on "Add a Gadget" you will see following screen shot. A gadget will open, here you need to scroll down and find "Page" gadget.

8- Now click on "+" button to add page gadget. After clicking on "+" button you will see following screen.

In the above screen you need to uncheck "Home" page and check "Home Page" and click on save button, here "Home Page" is your custom created page that you need to show on your blog. And on clicking this page or tab you will redirect to your blogger's home page.

Its done!!!!!!! Now click on "Save arrangment" button to save your changes. And view your blog by clicking on "View Blog" link button. Here you will see that we have a "Home Page" tab inside out blog.