Postman is your best friend

If you are working on creating back-end API with laravel, you will need tool such as 'postman' to test your APIs, using postman you can test your API easier than calling directly from front-end app, having postman helps developer works faster and easier.

Postman is a free tool that you can install on your computer whether you are running windows, linux or even mac as your development computer. Postman used to be a web plugin on google chrome, but now you can install postman as chrome app.

The easiest way to install postman is via chrome app, if postman installed as chrome app, it will behave just like native apps on your computer, like for example on my ubuntu 14.04, i can search 'postman' on ubuntu dash.

If you have google chrome on your computer, definitely install postman as chrome app (postman for chrome), you can download postman for chrome in here or here.

Using postman you can make request to your back-end APIs whether it's a POST, GET, PUT, or other type of request.

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