How to exit from php artisan tinker

Some people having difficulty closing/exit from artisan tinker mode, this is also happened to me when i use artisan tinker for the first time, i don't know how to close it.

Obviously pressing CTRL + C doesn't work for me, then i try typing close, exit, quit, all didn't work until i press CTRL + D, so it seems CTRL + D works for exit from artisan tinker mode.

Then i tried another keyboard shorcut, CTRL + Z, this seems to be working, some people say typing exit(); can be use to exit artisan tinker, but didn't work for me on laravel 4.

But when i try it on laravel 5 it is working, so i guess with laravel 5 you can exit artisan tinker with exit(); and maybe exit; also works.

I guess there are some keyboard shortcut and command that you can try to exit from artisan tinker mode, here's are the list:
  • CTRL + D 
  • CTRL + Z
  • exit();
  • exit;

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