How to create a Blog

         You have heard that many people talking about the term "blog", and you want to know about it. If  you want to know about blog than that is the right place for you. In this article we are going to teach you what a blog is and how to create a blog that generates revenue for you. First of all we will define the word "blog", the whole article based on.

What is a blog:

In my opinion a blog is way to express yourself, your thoughts and your passion to the world. We can also say that a blog is like a personal diary or a journal. If you want to create your own web site than you should start from blog creating. Before going to create our first blog we need to some terminologies. Blog - a diary or a journal that you are going to update on daily basis, Blogger -a person who maintain a blog, Blogging - sharing your ideas, thoughts, and passion with world. Now its time to create our own blog a brand new blog.

How to create a Blog:

Here is step by step guide to creating a blog. You can create up to 100 blog per account.
Step-1: Navigate to (you will see the following screen)


Step-2: Now to get started you will need to Sign In. After sign in you will see the following screen shot.


In the above screen shot abc's blogs is the display name of my newly created blog. You can change the display name of your blog. To change the display name of your blog follow these steps.

Step-3: Click on the arrow which is on the top of right side corner. Now click on "Blogger Profile" link button.


 Step-4: After clicking on "Blogger Profile" you will see the following screen. Now click on "Edit Profile" button.

Step-5: After clicking on "Edit Profile" button you will see the blogger user profile edit page. But we are interested to change the display name of our blog so find the display name field which is located on "Identity" section of the blogger profile page.


Step-6: Change or Enter your desired display name (in my case it is "abc") and click on "Save" button.

Step-7: Now for creating a blog click on "New Blog" button, As shown below.


Step-8: After clicking on "New Blog" button you will see the following screen shot. In the below screen shot you will need to fill the title, blog address and template of your blog.


Step-9: After filling the above fields click on "Create Blog" button.