How to align left Odoo fields [float, integer] in tree views.

Hello guys how are you!!! I hope you will be fine. As we know that Odoo fields such as numbers (float and integer) are right aligned in tree / list views. As you can see in below screen shot.


Today I will show you how to left align Odoo fields [float, integer] in tree views. To left align float and integer fields in Odoo list or tree views follow these steps.

1. Go to following path.
  • C:\Program Files\Odoo 8.0 20151219\server\openerp\addons\web\static\src\css)
2. You will see the following files.


3. Open base.css file in any text editor.


4. Now search or find “.openerp .oe_list_content td.oe_number” (without double quotes)

5. Change text-align : right to “left” (without double quotes) in line no 2718 and save the file.

6. Now you will see that we have done this. 


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