Odoo Database Management

Hello guys how are you, and i hope you will be fine !!! In my previous post you learned how to install "Odoo" and "wkhtmltopdf" on windows platform. Today you will learn database management or how to create new database and how to manage it.

After successfully installation of  Odoo on windows when you will visit the link http://localhost:8069 you will see following screen related to Database Management.


To create database you have to input database name, choose default language and choose password. You can also check load demonstration data. Demonstration data is only for testing purpose. In the left side bar as you can see that "Create" database is one option on the given list. Similarly you can also perform following tasks.
  1. Drop a database
  2. Backup of database
  3. Restore a database
  4. Reset the master password of your database
Default master password is "admin".
After clicking on "Create Database" button, you have created your DB now you will see the following screen.

The above screen shows all of the available modules (Local Modules). But the purpose of creating this blog is to creating our own custom modules from scratch. Before going to creating our custom modules we need to know some terminologies like modules, model, views, controller and module structure etc......

In my next post you will learn all of the above terminologies in detail.

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