How it Can Backlink With Commenting

How it Can Backlink With Commenting - In order to establish silahturahmi Atar fellow bloggers usually these actions will be undertaken, by commenting on blogs are visited. Commenting is the most powerful way to show mutual tolerance among fellow bloggers, although behind everything was tucked a purpose and other purposes .. that got Feedback or in the language of jock linkback or backlinks.

Now it is no stranger to the name because it's Comment For Backlink after previous
post about the collection of blog effects effects, this time I would love some simple tips that can mate directly employ to get backlinks to your blog. The way is simple, mate only need to type inurl: Place Keyword "This site uses KeywordLuv" or with this keyword: inurl: Place Keyword "Enable CommentLuv" in google search. (Place Keyword replaced with the keyword or keywords as you wish for example "Tutorial Blog") .See Images

With Backlink got Commenting

The real intention of this tutorial is to find blogs that use the facilities Comment Luv .. by commenting on blogs that fitted Comment Luv the first link in the last few posts will be displayed at the bottom of the poster ... ah .. ane confused ni jelasinnya .. passable see screenshot below.

Notice in writing circled, it was posting links (dofollow course) that will be included along with the comments my friend ... Choose one and then click Post Your Comment berikutlah result ...

See the article with a blue background ... it signifies that blogs are DoFollow ... One blog that uses CommentLuv is a blogger from Malaysia Denai Heart .. A few ..


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