impact information technology environment

The development of technology was so swift currents that requires us to be more active in following the development of the information.As the wheels of human life continues to revolve, the development of technology is increasingly growing, it is possible every second emerging technology with the advantages and benefits that differ from one another or may overlap and cover the shortage.In education, the development of information technology has a positive and negative impacts. because with the development of information technology education began to show considerable changes signitif, although reversed excess something definitely there will also be a weakness.Positive Impact of Development of Information Technology to Education1. The emergence of mass media, especially the electronic media as a source of knowledge and education center. Such as the Internet network, Lab. Computer Schools and others.2. The emergence of methods of new learning, which allows students and teachers in the learning process.3. The data processing system that uses the assessment results pemanfaattan Technology.The benefits derived from the development of science and technology are:

· Facilitate system operations and administrative activities in an educational institution.
· Enhanced learning on student / student and student / student
· Learning becomes more effective and attractive.
· Can explain something difficult / complex.
· Speeding up the process of time.
· Presenting a rare event.
· Facilitate / accelerate student / student to get information.Negative Influence of Technology on Education WorldBesides the positive impact generated by the development of science and technology, will also beappears the negative impact that would be caused by the development of science and technology in the educational process, among others:

Students become lazy learnWith the equipment should be able to help students learnsuch as laptop with internet network, is instead often make students become lazylearn, sometimes many of those who spend their timesurf only bring pleasure only, such as Facebook, Chat,Friendster and others, all of which will certainly affect the intereststudent learning.

Wanton violations.Often we hear on the news, where there is a sacrilegious offenders carried out by a student against another student, such as a brawl between students, occur priseks, rape girls and others.

The mass media is being misused by students.With the advent of mass media generated by the development of science and technology, this can lead to various behaviors that deviate that may occur, such as the students who often spend their time playing games, playing PS, playing Facebook, chat, so the time that should be used to study instead used to play, so that learning becomes exhausted in vain. Eventually everything will be a negative effect on student learning outcomes and even the moral deterioration of the students toto students.

Confidentiality test tool for education is increasingly threatened.During this time often we see and hear on TV, on the leakage of the exam, this is a result of the misuse of technology, because with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, it can easily access information from one region to another, this is conducted by parties to fraud related to leakage of exam questions, so this incident is often troubling government and society.

Abuse of knowledge to carry out criminal acts.At first the education was intended to get the changes are positive, but in the end the goal is often diverted for various reasons. For example; a Hacker with the ability to conduct breakthrough system of an office or company, they can do a robbery with no need to rob directly to the Bank or the office-the office, simply by piercing the financial system or important information, then they will be able to benefit, and it is difficult to trace the culprit.

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