How to make picture and video by using vlc player in urdu and hindi

Hello World! The topic of this post is how to make a picture and video by using vlc video player. First of all if you not have vlc video player so download and install it open any video or movie etc. First time you have to do some setting in vlc video player. Open your vlc video player and in menu bar there is a button that’s name is view click on it a dropdown menu will appear so then click at the Advanced Controls button. When you will click some buttons will appear like recordand snapshot. Now you can recording video by using record button and make a picture by using snapshot button.
Learn By A Video
You can also learn this topic by a video which is as under below. In this video I have completely described that how you can make a picture and video recording and also showing practically so you can learn easily. This video is in urdu and hindi language and if you like this post so share with your friends also.

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