How to hack using phishing tool

How to hack using phishing tool. While I was searching the internet I found something useful application that maybe our newbie hacker or person that are curious on how their account has been hacked by anonymous person. This application can duplicate exactly what the login page of the website that we are targeting or if not it is more than 50% similar. That is why many of the internet users don't recognize if they are logging in at the wrong website or duplicated site. There are some ways to identify the phishing website and the real website. If the website is shortened and not using the original domain like for example it is probably Phishing site. Also if you encounter that if you are trying to login but instead you you login to the original domain like you will see the domain name is similar to this,, etc., it probably a Phishing site and they will just steal your your username and password.

Ok let us start from downloading the Phishing application, below are the two download links.


After downloading make sure that you have Microsoft framework 1.0 or higher and a free web hosting site, if you don't have a web hosting site you can sign site you can sign up at its free you don't have to worry about it. 

Now lets us run the application right click Super Phisher file and RUN as administrator you will see this on your screen.

URL OF LOGIN PAGE: link of the target login page

NAME OF LOG FILE: name of the file on which the username and password will save.

NAME OF PHP FILE: any name just dont remove the  .php extention

SITE TO REDIRECT: Website on which do you want your victim to be redirected after login  in your  Phishing  page.

After filling up the form click "Build Phisher".

You will see the output folder added inside the folder on which the Phisher application is located. then you will see inside the output folder is one PHP file and an html file upload the two files in your web hosting site. if someone log in on your Phishing page the Php file will generate a TXT file on where the username and password are saved. 

Open the TXT file and you will see this.. BINGO.

Disclaimer: This blog is for educational purposes only and the author is not responsible for any misused of this tutorial.

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