Smooth Hover Mouseover blog Chat Tab Widget

New, A smooth hover (mouse over, no need to click, automatic scroll) open tab with jquery script guestbook (chatbox, chat place, shout box, chat zone, sembang tab, gossip, blogwalking widget) widget for blogger (blogspot, blog).

Warning! if there is already a jquery script inside your blog, This widget will not work. You can choose the old version tab by clicking here

If none, Install it first by
  1. Go to TEMPLATE --> Edit HTML
  2. find the tag <head>
  3. Paste this script after it

<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>

Then Here are the HTMLjavascript for the widget [click here for instruction to install html]

Copy / paste this code into your site

Find the the picture by clicking [HERE], and replace HTTP://INSERT YOUR TAB PICTURE URL

or choose this image
(right click on the gif chatbox image above 
and choose copy image location.)
or copy this instead


Paste your chatbox between it and make sure the width of your chatbox must only '250px'

<!-- END CHATBOX -->

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