Internet code of conduct

Code of conduct

The internet is based on co-operation of its constituents- users with users, service providers with other service providers and users and service providers with one another.

An internet society (ISOC) has developed the following guidelines of conduct.

1.Do not post to lists or boards or newsgroups whose purpose states no advertising.
2.Use browsing services such as WAIS, Gopher, and WWW to list products and services.
3.Use e-mail enabled information services like mailing lists to which users can subscribe or send the e-mail to obtain information.

internet code of conduct

Mailing Lists, Newsgroups and Bulletin Boards

1.Avoid redundant, empty or stupid postings.
2.Post on to within the forum's topic or scope.
3.Respect the opinions of other participants.
4.Be careful about the lack of social sense and possible ambiguities in text communications.
5.Use common courtesy when posting critical, negative comments.
6.Be sensitive to forums standards in respect to indecency.
7.Do not use sexually harassing, racial or discriminatory expressions.


1.Do not disclose the personal privacy of other users.
2.Do not forward e-mail without permission.
3.Do not deliberately break into computer systems.


1.System breaking or helping others to break into systems is illegal.
2.Getting passwords or other access information is unacceptable.

Intellectual Property

1.Copying or disclosing copies of protected works without the author's permission is illegal.

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