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This is a light online visitor counter called RadarURL . It load along your website fast. No need for extra installation just choose the checkpoint copy the checkpoint where you want it to be and paste the javascript/html code in your blog. Easy to read, include a map location, etc - stats like a pro and it's free.

If you are using WordPress or drupal that not support javascript/html code, this widget/gadjet is perfect.

Five Reasons Why Use RadarURL
1. Learn how many visitors you have online on your website
2. Know where are your visitors from and what pages are they viewing
3. Get advanced long term statistics to improve your website analysis
4. Access campaign impact and understand traffic trends
5. Just get it FOR FUN, cause RadarURL widget is cool :)

If you have a problem to install html/java script it in blogspot, please click [here]

The widget sample is here - the green tab at the left-bottom site

pict sample

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