Power supply unit

Power supply unit

SMPS(switch mode power supply): The power supply supplies power to every single part of the PC. The main function of the power supply is to convert them

230 volt AC into 3.3 volts, 5 volt and 12 volt DC power that the system requires for the operations. In addition to supplying power to run the system, the power supply also ensures that the system does not run unless the power supplied is sufficient to operate the system properly. The power supply completes internal checks and tests before allowing the system to start. If the tests are successful, the power supply sends a special signal to the motherboard called power_good. If this signal is not present continuously, the computer does not run. Therefore, when the AC voltage dips and the power supply becomes stressed or overheated, the power_good signal goes down and forces a system reset or complete shutdown.


features of SMPS

* Receive up to 230-volt ac.
* Step down the power.
* Convert AC to DC.
* Supply power to a different device of the computer system.
* Low working temperature.
* Ultra compact open frame switching power supply.
* Universal input.

Types os SMPS

AT(Advanced Technology)SMPS
AT stands for Advanced Technology. These are all old SMPS. They have 12 pin power connector, this is called AT power connector. They were used in Pentium-I, Pentium-II, Pentium-III and Pentium MMX CPUs.

ATX(Advanced Technology Extended)
ATX stands for Advanced Technology Extended. They have 20 pin power connector, this is called as the ATX power connector. They were used in Pentium-III, Pentium-IV and AMD CPUs.

BTX(Balanced Technology Extended)
BTX stands for Balanced Technology Extended. They have 24 pin power connector, this is also called as the ATX power connector. It has 15 pins SATA power connectors. They are used in Dual Core, Core2duo, Quad Core, I-3, I-5, I-7 and latest AMD CPUs.


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