What ype of computer is this ?

There are three types of computer

The analog computer works on analog data. These type of computers recognize data as a continuous measurement of a physical quantity. Voltage, Pressure, Speed, Temperature etc. Have continuous characteristics.

A.C. voltage has a   sinusoidal waveform. Analog computers can receive any continuous waveform. Electrical analog signals are the most useful signals for an analog computer. It employs a moving paper and a vibrating pen as the output device. The output characteristics are drawn by the pen on the moving paper. This is a form of strip chart recorder. ECG system is another example of this.

Used in=Medical purpose and weather forecasting.


This computer works on the digital signal. Digital signals are composed of binary numbers 1 and 0 indicating high and low levels of presence and absence of voltage or on and off states respectively. Digital signals are discrete in nature. This computer understands machine level language containing 0's and 1's. But the task of developing the program is extremely tedious with the machine languages. Hence, assembly language and different high-level languages have been developed. These languages are extremely helpful for a programmer. But the computer does not understand these languages. For converting these languages into machine language, translators are used. Different types of translator units are available. These are  1.Assembler 2.Interpreter 3.Compiler.
Used in=School,Office,Company,College,Industry,Institution etc.

computer set

The various classes of the digital computer are

A microcomputer is a small, low-cost computer with a processor based on a single silicon chip. A microcomputer is also called a personal computer or PC.


This machine is another advancement over the PC-AT.Here you can have a maximum of a few hundreds of dumb terminals attached to the same CPU. Processing speed is also many times faster.One example is the IBM 9375. The microprocessor used is INTEL-80286 or 80386.


These are faster and more sufficient than minis and have a much larger storage capacity. Examples are the IBM system 1370 and IBM 4300 series.


They are most powerful and most efficient too. They are designed to process complex scientific applications.They have the computing capacity of approximately 40000000 IBM PCs.Some examples are CARY-2, ETA-10, CARY X-MP.


The hybrid computer is a combination of analog and digital computers having components of both types. This computer combines best features of analog and digital computers. This possesses the speed of analog computers and accuracy of digital computers. These are used to solve special problems in which input analog data are converted into digits before processing.
Used in=ICU,Space Science,Research etc.

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