Some abbreviations in computer


ADPCM= Adoptive differenial pulse code modulation.
ALGOL = Algorithmic language.
AMD     = American microdevice.
ASCII   = American standard code for information interchange.
ALU     = Arithmetic logic unit.
ATX     = Advance technology extended. 
ADSL   = Asymmetric digital subscriber line.
AGP     = Accelerated graphics port.
APC     = American power conversion.
AAP     = Applications access point.
ABEND= Abnormal end.
ABI      = Application binary interface.
ABIOS = Advanced BIOS.
ABR    = Available bit rate.
ABS     = Absolute.
ABT     = Abort.
ACC    = Accumulator.
ACL    = Access control list.
ADB    = Apple desktop bus.
ADP    = Automatic data processing.
ADR   = Address.
ADT   = Application data types.
ADU  = Automatic dialing unit.
AFA  = Accelerated file access.
ALN  = Asynchronous learning network.
AVA = Audiovisual authoring.
AVC = Audiovisual connection.
AVI  = Audiovisual interleave.
AVR= Automatic voice recognition.
AWG= American wire gage.
AWS= Advanced workstations and systems.

BASIC  = Beginners all-purpose symbolic instruction code.

BBS      = Bulletin board system.
BIOS    = Basic input output system.
BCR     = Bar code reader.
BMP     = Bitmap image.
BNC     = Brrel nut connector.


CAD      = Computer aided design.
CCITT    = Consultive committee for international telegraph and telephone.
COBOL  = Common business oriented language.
CPU        = Central processing unit.
CVT        = Constant voltage transformer.
CU          = Control unit.
CUI         = Character user interface.
CD          = Compact disc.
CD-RW  = Compact disc- rewritable.
CAS        = Column address signal.
CDR       = Compact disc recorder.

DBMS    = Data base management system.

DNS       = Domain name system.
DPI        = Dot per inch.
DRAM   = Dynamic random access memory.
DTP       = Desk top publishing.
DTD      = Document type definition.
DOC      = Document.
DVD      = Digital versatile disc.
DDR      = Double data rate.
DIMM   = Dual inline memory module.
DPI       = Dots per inch.

E-MAIL = Electronic mail.

ENIAC   = Electronic numerical integrator and calculator.
EPROM = Erasable programmable read-only memory.
ERNET  = Educational & research network.
EEPROM= Electrically erasable programmable read-only memory.
ECC        = Error correction code.
EDO        = Extended data out.

FAX         = Facsimile.

FDD         = Floppy disk drive.
FFT          = Fast fourier transfer.
FDC         = Floppy disc controller.
FDD         = Floppy disc drive.
FSB          = Front side bus.
FPU         = Floating point unit.

GB           = Gigabyte.

GIAS       = Gateway internet access service.
GUI         = Graphical user interface.
GDI         = Graphical device interface.
GBPS      = Gigabytes per second.

HDD       = Hard disk drive.

HDTV     = Heavy digital television.
HTML     = Hyper text markup language.
HTTP      = Hyper text transfer protocol.

IC           = Integrated circuit.

ID           = Instruction decodor.
ISDN      = Integrated service digital network.
ISO         = International standards organisation.
ISP         = Internet service provider.
IBM       = International business machines corporation.

JDBC     = Java database connectivity.

KB         = Kilobyte.

KBPS     = Kilobyte per second.
KAM     = Keep alive memory.
KDT      = Key definition table.
KIS        = Knowbot information service.
KQML  = Knowledge query and manipulation language.
KSH      = Korn shell (program).
KSPH   = Keystrokes per hour.
KSR     = Keyboard send receive.
KRS     = Knowledge retrieval system.

LAN       = Local area network.

LCD       = Liquid crystal display.
LDT       = Lightning data transport.
LED       = Light emitting diode.

MAU      = Multistation access unit.

MAN      = Metropolitan area network.
MAR      = Memory address register.
MB         = Megabyte.
MICR     = Magnetic ink character recognition.
MS-DOS= Microsoft disk operating system.
MOD      = Magneto optical disk.
MMU      = Main memory unit.
MAC      = Media access control.
MBPS     = Megabytes per second.
MIPS      = Million instructions per second.
MSI        = Micro star international.

NAS       = Network attached storage.

NAT       = Network address translation.
NIC        = Network interface card.

OLE        = Object linking and embedding.

OMR       = Optical mark reader.
OS           = Operating system.
OCR        = Optical character reader.

PC          = Personal computer.

POD       = Proof of delivery.
POP       = Post office protocol.
POST     = Power on self-test.
PCB       = Printed circuit board.
PCI        = Peripheral component interconnect.
PDA       = Personal digital assistant.
PGA       = Professional graphics array.
PSU        = Power supply unit.

QIC       = Quarter-inch cartridge.

QIF       = Quicken interchange format.

RAM     = Random access memory(volatile).

RCT      = Real time clock.
ROM     = Read only memory(non-volatile).

SGML   = Standard generalized markup language.

SMTP    = Simple mail transfer protocol.
SMPS    = Switch mode power supply.

TEXT    = Text document.

TB         = Tera byte.

UPS       = Uninterrupted power supply.

USB       = Universal serial bus.
UNIVAC= Universal automated computer.

VDU     = Visual display unit.

VIRUS  = Vital information resources under seize.
VRML  = Virtual reality markup language.
VPN      = Virtual private network.

WAN     = Wide area network.

WORM  = Write once read many.
WWW   = World wide web.

XHTML = Extensible hyper text markup language.

XLS       = Microsoft excel spreadsheet.
XML      = Extensible markup language.
XTML    = Extensible telephony markup language.
X2C       = Hexadecimal to a character.
X2D       = Hexadecimal to decimal.
XGA      = Extended graphics array.
XID       = Exchange identifier.
XIOS     = Extended input-output system.
XLM     = Excel macro language.
XMM    = Extended memory manager.
XMS     = Extended memory specification.
XTCLK= External transmit clock.

Y2K      = Year two thousand.

YAHOO= Yet another hierarchical officious oracle.
YAM    = Yet another modem.
YTD     = Year to date.

ZBR     = Zone bit recording.

ZIP      = Zone information protocol.
ZDL    = Zero delay lockout.
ZDS    = Zenith data systems.
ZIF     = Zero insertion force.

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