Hidden Guestbook Blog Widget

Hidden Guestbook Blog Widget. This is a guestbook widget that hide as a tab at right upper corner in the site. Here are some pict for you to choose . You can put shoutbox, shoutmix or any other chat based interactive or even follower widget in it. To put the picture right click on the pict bellow and choose COPY IMAGE LOCATION and replace the HTML/Java bellow find the PUT YOUR PICTURE HERE

Instructions to add html/java script you can click http://freewidget4u.blogspot.com/search/label/.Installing%20Widget

Copy / paste this code into your site

find the code like the red word and put the HTML/Javascript like shoutmix or shoutbox between it.

    <!---shoutbox Code Here--->

    Example paste the Shoutmix / shoutbox code

    <!---shoutbox Code Here--->

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