How-To Rename Computer Folders

Welcome!  Last Time we spoke about Creating a Computer folder.  Today’s How-To lesson for the Computer beginner is about Renaming our Computer Folders.

We may do that to get better organized, or because we have a typo!

You will need to find the location the computer folder that you wish to rename first of all.

It can be on your desktop or elsewhere.

First thing we do is we will RIGHT CLICK on the computer folder icon itself!


A menu will appear and we will move to the ‘RENAME’ section.  Then click on “RENAME


The name area will be highlighted similar to our picture stating “NEW FOLDER”.  You don’t need to click in that area at all.  You just start typing.  Once you have renamed the folder to what you have chosen hit your enter key.


I have changed our folder to PHOTOS.

Rename Computer Folder

If you are within a window you can also rename the Computer folder a second way


Make sure you Highlight the Folder that you wish to rename by clicking on it once.


Look at the top of your window for the word FILE

Click On FILE, and you will get a number of menu options

You are looking for RENAME

You would then click on RENAME


And your Folder name will appear highlighted.

As we did above just start typing.  There is no need to click at this point.  Once you have renamed your computer folder to what you had chosen you will then hit your ENTER key.

If you ever wish to change a document name?  You would follow the same procedure, but clicking on the document name instead of the computer folder.

Pretty easy right?

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Thank you for reading out How-To Guide for the Computer Beginner on Renaming your computer folder!!

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