How-To Restore a Deleted Recycle Bin

My Recycle bin is GONE
My Recycle bin is GONE!
My Recycle Bin is GONE!

I accidentally deleted recycle bin!

Where is the recycle bin?  Its not on my DESKTOP!

My windows recycle bin is GONE!

I have done that myself, and don’t worry we will get it back!

Today’s How-To Guide for the Computer beginner is: how to restore recycle bin, because you might have deleted the recycle bin by accident!


Dumb Delete Option for Recycle Bin

Delete Recycle Bin

If you look at the picture you can see that right clicking on the recycle bin gives you an option to delete.

Don’t ask me why they came up with this bright idea, but they did. Confused smile

The first time I deleted the recycle bin I never even caught the ‘delete’ option that is pictured.  AFTER I was finished freaking out I had to learn How to recover the recycling bin.  How frustrating!

How-To Recover the Windows Recycle Bin

First thing we want to do is RIGHTclick on some available space on your desktop.   Then we need to click on ‘personalize’.

Right Click Personalize

The control panel will open on the personalization settings.  In the upper left hand corner you should see, ‘change desktop icons’ in the blue section.

Once you click Change Desktop Icons you are almost done!  You will see the option to restore that recycle bin very quickly.

As you can see there are a couple of different options for you right on TOP!  You can click to make an X in the box next to the word ‘recycle bin’. 

The X should be missing next to the recycle bin now, and placing the X in the box restores the recycle bin.    If you look towards the bottom of the desktop icon settings scene make sure your ‘allow themes to change desktop icons’ is checked if available.

Look to the bottom of this screen, and then click the button ‘apply’ button.  At times you do need to push ‘ok’ as well, and other times you don’t.

I notice at times screens may flicker for a minute, but look to see if your deleted recycle bin is back!  Flickering doesn’t always happen when we restore the recycle bin, but I wanted to mention it in case it did happened.

Now you don’t have to be like I was and freaking out, ‘Where is my recycle bin?  MY WINDOWS RECYCLE IS GONE!”

I hope our How-To Restore our Recycle bin lesson as helpful! 

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