How to make a waving flag in 3d max 2010 ?

1. open your 3d max software and go to geometry and click Plane button.

2. to make you easy, create the plane from the top view port, and to edit it, go to modify
and insert the value of lenght is 50 cm and width is 100 cm, Lenght segs is 40 and width
segs is 40.

3. next, we will make a pole of the flag, go to geometry and click Cylinder button.

4. to edit the pole, go to modify and insert the value of radius is 1.865 cm and height 136.749 cm like at the picture.

5. in the our real world, the flag should be down to the ground, how to make it ?? go to Space Warps and click Gravity button. I suggest you to make it from the top view port, like
at the picture.

6. and to make it like be a waving flag, go to pace warps and click wind button,
create it from the top view port and insert the value of strenght is 25.0, decay, 0.0,
turbulance 15.0, frequency 0.0, scale 1.0 like at the picture I have shown to you.

7. click the plane object and go to modify and click cloth. it is will make an effect like

8. look carefully the picture, first click the + sign cloth and click group, second make
some selection of vertex (only one row to down), third click Make Group button and rename
it become indonesia flag and then click ok.

9. look carefully the picture again, first click indonesia flag in the box white, second
click Node button and third click to the pole that you have created.

10. ok little relax yourself, click the plane and go to modify, click cloth and then click
Cloth Forces and select all Gravity01 and wind 01 in the Forces in Scene form click >
button, and it is will be move to the Forces in Simulation form.

11. we will through five steps. first, click Object Properties button, second click plane01,
third check the cloth option, fourth select the cotton in the Presets list, and the last
step fifth click ok.

12. If you want to look the real preview of the flag, click Simulate Local button or
Simulate Local button.

Click here to download the source file !!!

note: I used the 3d max 2010 and if you are running in the before version of 3d max, you can not to open the file you have downloaded.

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