How to make a neon effect with 3d max software ??

1. I used 3dmax 2010 version, if you are running of the low version, you can not to open the file you had downloaded. ok next let is we begin to create it. Open your 3d max software, go to shapes and click text button, like at the picture.

2. type the text you want, and if you want to edit the size, kerning and leading, you can change it from the modify like at the picture.

3. next step, go to modify and click extrude, insert the value of amount is 22.86cm like at the picture.

4. we will make an identity of the object, go to edit and click object properties, insert the value of Object Id is 3, which the box red marked.

5. next, go to rendering and click effect.

6. click add button and choose Lens Effect and click ok.

7. look carefully, we start from the left tutorial, click glow and click the right arrow, scroll down and you will see Glow Element, insert the value of size is 0,15, intensity is 90,0 and change the color of radial color become green. Now we go to next tab. it is effect, insert the value of Object ID is 3, and do not forget to give a checklist. the last step is click render button.

click here to download the source file !!!

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