How to make an apple with 3d max software ??? your 3d max software, go to shapes and click helix button. And create it from the front
view port. edit the helix, go to modify and insert the value of radius 1: 4.76, radius 2: 96.098, height: -49.062, turns 1.0, bias 0.0

3.go to shapes and click circle button

4. to edit the circle go to modify, and insert the value of radius is 36.279

5. go to modify and choose BavelProfile. Bevel Profile function to create objects 2
Dimension 3 Dimension into objects by using object form two other dimensions as its

6.before you click Pick Profile button, click the circle button first and click Pick Profile
button and click to the helix object.

7. after you do it, select the helix, insert the value of radius 1, radius 2, height, turns, bias
like at the picture.

8. and the last step, we will make an apple effect could be real by using turbosmooth, click
an apple object and go to modify and choose TurboSmooth and insert the value of iterations is 2 like at picture.

click here to download the source file !!!

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