how to join 3dobject with a photo ??

1. before we begin with 3d max object, first we must insert the background of the environment. ok let is we start. open your 3d max software and go to rendering and click environment.

2. in the tab of Common Parameters, click none button and click bitmap, select the picture you have downloaded.

3. we will make a base of teapot object, go to geometry and click box button.

4. you can edit the box by insert the value of length, width, height from modify.

5. and now go to geometry and click teapot.

6. to edit the teapot go to modify and insert the value of radius is 20.616 and segments is 46.

7. next step, make a material for the box, press M button from your keyboard and click standard button and choose Matte/Shadow. This function like make the box could be transparent and max the shadow of the teapot fall to the box.

8.Drag it into the box like at the picture.

9. to make the effect become real? click lights and click omni button. you can set the position of the omni you want. But I suggest you to put it to the top of teapot.

10. Do not forget to checklist the shadows to on.

click here to download the source file !!!!

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