Lesson 2 : Some core PHP basics

BOOKC, this time share about Lesson 2 : Some core PHP basics
1. PHP is a case sensitive server side programming language.
2. PHP provide  browser native language support.
3. PHP is truly dynamic , object oriented programming language.
4. like browser script PHP provide value type variables, means you do not have to declare any data type declaration.
5. extension for PHP file is .PHP.

Memory locations and operators :-
1. All memory locations start with $ sign e.g. $_age, $age, $name1, $name2.
2. There is no datatype in PHP , it takes its datatype at runtime automatically and count them in bytes.
an example for  above  exlplain concept
$v1=20; $v2=30;

$sum = $v1+$v2;

echo $sum;
</html> .  
PHP allocates 2 bytes of memory for $v1=20 and same 2 bytes for next $v2 variable.


Hopefully the information we provide can be useful.

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