How to make a pencil with 3dmax software ??

1. Open your 3dmax software, and next go to
create and select geometry and click Cylinder.

2. I recommend to you to create the cylinder from
the left view port and to edit it like at the
picture, go to modify and insert the value of
Radius is 15 cm, Height is 300 cm and sides is 8.

3. Next step we will make the top of the cylinder
become a cone. Right click to the cylinder and
select to convert to and choose convert to
editable poly like at the picture.

4. Click vertex, and make selection some of vertex like at the picture and click collapse (it is make an effect like a cone or another mean any vertex of you have selected could be join).

5. After you do it, click edge and select some edge like at the picture (it is to make it become 2 path) and finish.
I colored it with the material.

Click here to download the source file !!!!!

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