How to make a grass effect with 3dmax 2011

1. open your 3dmax software and select geometry and click Plane Button.

2. create the plane, from the view port you want and go to modify and insert

the value of length and width like at the picture.

3. I think you should change the color of your plane, I suggest you to use

Chocolate Color and click Ok.

4. ok, now we will make the grass effect, go to modify and select Hair and

Fur (WSM).

5. the color of grass is green, and you can change it from Material

Parameters. Like at the picture. if want to make hair effect, you can do it

like this tutorial and just change the color from Material Parameters become

black. And the result step is render it.

I make the source file from 3dmax 2010 64 bit, if you run it from the low version you can not to run it.
Click here to download the source file....

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