How to make an effect like bonfire in 3d max ?

1. open your 3d max software, I think you should
make the wood like at the picture by yourself
and if you have a lot of 3d object like text or
anything, you may to use it. and after opened the
file did you had, Click Helpers.

2. And choose Atmospheric Apparatus.

3. Click SphereGizmo and you can create it from
everywhere viewport position. You can Scale the
object by click Select and Uniform Scale. oh,

sorry I forgot to checklist Hemisphere in the
picture, so I suggest you to click it, to make it
half of circle.

4. Okay, go to modify and insert the value of

Radius, I suggest you to insert the value more

than 53,407 cm.

5. Scroll down you mouse and you will see
Atmospheres and Effects and click Add button,
next do next step again like at the picture.

6. Click Fire Effect and click Setup button, so
next scroll down you mouse, inside the tab of
Fire Effect Parameters you will find Flame Size,
Flame Detail, Density and Samples. You can fill
how much the value of it whatever you want. and
the end of this tutorial, click render button,
you will see the flame effect. In my picture, I
just added some trees to make real environment.

Click here to download the source file !!! I have made this from 3d max 2010.
if you used the low version, you can not to open this file.

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