How to make a ball with 3d max software ????

1. Open your 3dmax software and go to Geometry

and choose Extended Primitives.

2. Click on Hedra

3. I suggest you, to make a Hedra from

Perspective Viewport.

4. next, go to Modify and Check Dodec.

5. insert the value of Family Parameters and

Radius, like at the picture.

6. now, right click to the Hedra and Convert to

Editable Poly.

7. ok, click Edge icon, and select all the Edge.

8. Scroll down your mouse and you will see

Extrude and click it, look the value you should

fill like at the picture.

9. next, click Polygon icon, select all the

Polygon, scroll down you mouse and click

Tessellate button, fill the value like at the

picture, click apply first and click ok.

10. go to Modify and choose Spherify.

11. and the last tutorial go to Modify and choose

Mesh Smooth, and insert the value of iteration is 2.

Click here to download the source file !!!!!!!

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