How to make a soap dishes in 3dmax 2010 ????

1. open your 3dmax software and click create, select geometry and click Cylinder.

2. to make you easy create the object, I suggest you to make it from the top viewport.

3. insert the value of radius, height, height segments, cap segments and sides like at the picture and to make the cylinder become thin, edit it use select and uniform scale.

4. right click to the cylinder and select convert to and click convert to editable poly.

5. click polygon icon and select only the top of cylinder like at the picture.

6. scroll down your mouse and you will see extrude button and click it.
Click apply until the extrude you want.

7. first, you should make any selection to any vertex and go to modify, choose vertex and you should check the soft selection, insert the value of falloff.

8. Now, we will make a line to the bottom of the lid by using chamfer, and add the line and edit it by using select and Uniform Scale.

9. Make selection to all vertex, Check in the tab of Subdivision Surface like at the picture, check the button of Use NURMS Subdivision then insert the value of Iterations, and the object has finished.

Download the source file Click Here !!!!

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