a Mouse wireless in 3dmax2010

1. Open your 3dmax software and click to create, and choose goemetry and click Box, and make it from top viewport then insert the value of Lenght, Width, Height, lenght Segs, Width Segs, Height Segs like at the picture.

2. right click to the box and select convert to - convert to editable poly.

3. Make surely that any vertex like at the picture.

4. Click Edge icon and select the edge of the object you have been created.

5. click on chamfer icon, and insert the value of chamfer edges like at the picture.

6. use select and move icon to pull down the edge. I recommend you to use it from the front viewport.

7. Click Polygon icon and click to the side of the object like at the picture.

8. And delete it.

9. Ok, and now we will make the object like the real mouse, Go to modify and select turbosmooth.

10. insert the value of iterations is 4. The higher the value the better the quality.

11. Click Mirror icon to make duplicate object.

12. this is the last tutorial, insert the value of mirror Axis, Clone Selection, and click ok like at the picture.

download the source file click here !!!

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