What is a computer Process?

Task Manager Computer Process
Computer Process Tab
A computer process is an instance of a computer program that is being executed. 

When you sat down, turned on your computer today?  The operating system (windows) executed a process so you could use the computer.  In simplistic terms it turned on the windows program.

At times you notice you get a message from your virus protection program stating it is updating definitions.  That is another computer process, because the program executed a task to update your virus protection.

When you hit your browser button to go onto the internet?  You once again executed a computer process.  Again in simplistic terms you told the computer, "GO on the internet!"

The computer may have programs running in the background that you never see or understand.  Those are all computer processes.  If you look at the picture above?  When you hit the 'control' button, the 'alt' button, and the 'delete' button together it brings up the task manager.  The task manager shows you all the computer processes that are running on your computer currently.

In laymen's terms a computer process is any task your computer is doing, or task you asked it to do.

Ed Asked:   How do you Know which processes can be deleted and which ones to save?

I found a site online that seems to have a HUGE list of computer processes.  They are listed in Alpha Order, and tell what they are - and if you can get rid of them.

TASK LIST PROGRAMS (including Windows 7/Vista/2008/XP/2003/2000 Services)

Awesome Question ED!  Thank you for help me help others!

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