How to make a water dipper from 3dmax???

1. Open your 3dmax program, and select geometry then click Cylinder.

2. To take it's easy, we can create it from the Top View port.

3. Select to modify and set the radius values and height values like at the picture.

4. press F3 and F4 to show the lines of the object, then right click to the object, select convert to, convert to editable poly.

5. select Polygon and click Extrude.

6. you should make any selections of the object before you will extrude it.

7. look carefully, beside the extrude button you will see another button too, it's setting, and click it.

8. Set the value of Group is 36,949 like at the picture.

9. select polygon again, Click to inset.

10. push the selection to the front position.

11. and the result will look like that.

12. select extrude again, and push it to the bottom position. it's to make a hole in the middle of the object.

13. to make it look real, select modify and click Turbo Smooth.

14. set the Iterations value is 2.

15. And the result will be shown like this.

I will attach the source file to learn.
Click Here to download

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