How to make a toothbrush in 3d max ??

1. open your 3d sofware, and select to goemetry and click on box button.

2. after you have created the box, you can set it in modify, But I set the value like in the picture.

3. right click on the object and select convert to, and click convert to Editable Poly.

4.and then go to modify and clik vertex.

5. you should use "select and move" to up vertex like at the picture.

6. and you can edit the front of the object by select the vertex and edit it use "select and move". normally to make the front of object down, i edit it from the view front, and drag it to down.

7. after finished, go to modify and click Polygon.

8. and clik inset, and select to the object like at the picture.

9. then drag it into the object to make it like small box.

10. ok, let it's we try again, click extrude.

11. click to the selection, and drop down it like at the picture.

12. ok let it's enjoy, our job will finish, select modify and click TurboSmooth.

13. you can see the result like that, and then insert the Iterations value is 4.

14. select geometry and click to cylinder. it's to make brush...

15. go to modify and set the value of cylinder like the picture.

16. do not you worry, you can copy the cylinder by click the object and press shift and drag it, and select copy, and insert number of copies is 20.

17. select all cylinder you have copied and copy again with the same way, but you can easy from left and drag it to right.

I want you to know how to make a toothbrush in 3dmax so I want to attach the source file to learn.

click here to download the source file.

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