How to make a guest chair with 3dmax???

1. open your 3dmax program, select geometry and click box.

2. create the box from top, to edit the box, select modify and insert the value of Lenght, Width, Height like at the picture.

3. right click at the box and select Convert to Editable Mesh.

4. and click Polygon.

5. rotate the box from perspective and select all the base of the box, like at the picture, and delete it.

6. and then select modify and choose Mesh Smooth.

7. insert the value of Iterations.

8. okay, next step click select and move, and press shift button and drag the box to the right position like at the picture, you should do it from the left view port.

9. right click on the snaps toggle icon and choose tab options, you should insert the value like at the picture.

10. to make a back rest, click select and rotate and copy one of the box like at the picture like at the picture.

11. put the object which you have copied like at the picture.

12. select modify and click vertex.

13. to make you easy to edit it, you can edit it from the front viewport, and make the position of the vertex like at the picture.

14. to make a seat, click select and move and press shift button and drag it like at the picture.

15. to rotate it use select and rotate.

16. go to modify and click vertex.

17. and then drag vertex to upon like at the picture.

18. select all object and group all object.

19. rotate the object that you have group and you will see a hole of the bottom of object.

20. go to modify and select edit mesh.

21. go to modify and select cap holes.

22. select geometry and choose extended primitives.

23. and to make a simple table, click ChamferCly. you can edit the table from parameters.

download the source file??? Click Here

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