How to use array in 3dmax

1. open your 3d software. and choose geometry and select Tube.. be able to use easily, we had better start from the Top, and you can set the value of tube in parameters. look at the picture.

3.then when you finish go to Modify and select the Taper.

4. insert the value to make it being cone. but I type the amount is -0.96.

5. choose geometry and select box..

6. usually if I wanna use box, i always begin from the Top.. after you create the box, please set the lenght, width, height, you can get it from modify..

7. right click on the box you have created and choose Convert To and select Convert to Editable Poly..

8. okay, lets enjoy, and next click at Cone and Attach...

9.after you click Attach, click to the box, and it make a mark like a dash-line cube. tutorial, go to tools and select array..

11. click on preview botton to show the array..

12.insert the value in axial line form, I type 126.46 cm. it is up to you how much value you want to type.

13.klik ok.. it is finish.

I want you to know how to make array in 3dmax so I want to attach the source file to learn.

Download the source file

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