How to make a simple box with 3dmax 2011 64 bit your 3DMax program ....... the geometry and select the box.

3.after you select the box, you can type in how much value you want, because the greater the value, the greater is the box that will appear.
if you do not understand you can enter a value that has been in the picture.

4.then, click on the perspective and click the box that has been completed is made. right click on the object and choose to convert to, then click convert to editable poly as in the picture...

5.and after that, select the icon polygon-shaped patch of red... inset .. on the top of the object, inset again, and move the cursor in the direction of the object and then click and hold and drag it into the box so that it appears like the following picture.

9.and select extrude.

10.then click on the selected object in red and then click and hold and then pull it toward the bottom of the box as shown.

11.The next in the same way we click again inset section object side and then we rotate the object and click the other side and we click, hold and drag it to the object as the first way. then we select the Extrude and our selection on our part that has been thrust into and then push into the object. then it is finished the box that we want like in the pictures. if you do not understand I will also attach the source file to learn.

if you do not understand I will also attach the source file to learn. Good Luck.......
I used 3d max 2011 64 bit to make this tutorial.
you can not to open this file if you are running in the low version of 3d max.

Download Source File

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