how to make simple bird house with 3DMax your 3DMax program ....... shapes like the following picture and select line.

3.draw a figure as shown below by using the "line" on the front.

4.after you draw, click on the Modify and select Extrude ...

5.then type in the column amout up to you because of the greater amount of value that you type the greater the house that will be on Extrude. I recommend that you better equate what I have created in the image.

6.certainly the bird house that we will make this bird has an opening as a place they can go into the house, make a hole then we have to click and select the cylinder geometry, as in the picture..

7.about the long cylider it's up to you, but I enter a value like in the picture I've shown. to fill the value that you want, click on the section to modify, then type in the radius and height.

8.and slide the cylinder that you created into the middle of the bird house.

9.then click on geometry and you change the standard primitives to compound objects as shown.

10.then click and select boolean -pick operand B. but you must remember before you choose pick operand B, you should make sure that you must click first on the bird house.

11.after you click the pick operand B and click on the object is the cylinder, then the bird house will be perforated at the front and behind.
Do it this way in the next section on each side of the bird house.
Make 2 pieces cylinder with a smaller size align like the picture that has been shown and click boolean, bird house and click on the pick operand B, then click on the second object so that the cylinder will be hollow as in the picture I showed.

the object below the bird house is a box, you can get it from geometry and select box. and you can edit it from modify. okay good luck....

if you do not understand, I'll attach the source file for you to learn.

Download Source File

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