how to make a glass with 3DMax

1. please open your 3D Max program, and after opening the initial appearance will be like this. on the front, and then point the cursor to the icon shapes.

3.then select the line, so to simplify the display of our work, you can click tonggle maximize viewport at the bottom right.

4. after that then you click the line, and make a line like the picture.

5.and click Modify and then click the vertex.

6.then selection on the second part of the vertex.
to select those able to use Ctrl + click on the section you want selection.

7.then right click on the vertex you have selected, and select smooth.
there will be a change like this. can also edit your own preferences vertices to obtain better results. way by clicking on the section you want and click select and move.

9.then click Modify and select the Lathe. will look something like this.

11.point the cursor to the segment, and increase the amount of value. This goal is the greater amount of value that we fill, the more good results we got, but if your computer supports specification.

12.then we will create effects such as clear glass. click icon like the image material.

13.after the new window appears, and select maps.

14.check on the refraction and click none.

15.and select raytrace.

16.then click on the background like the one in the picture, this is to display the type of material that we choose earlier.

17.after that, click and hold and drag it into a glass object that we created earlier.

18.then we return again to the start screen select the icon 3d max to maximize viewport tonggle at the bottom right.

19.then we will look like this.

20. to add a base to put a glass, we can add it by clicking the box like the following picture. then we click on section fronts

21. and fill these values in the modifier
only adds to colorize box we have created, it is of material ......
and here I am also going to attach the source file to be able to learn.

Download Source File

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