How-To Change Your Mouse Settings

mouse wheelToday’s How-To Guide for the computer beginner  lesson is how to change your mouse settings.
Why would change your mouse settings?  You could be left handed, and you are more comfortable clicking the opposite way.
Lets say mouse sensitivity drives you nuts, because you can’t double click as fast as the computer wants you too.
You want to change the appearance of your pointer so you can see it better.
Those are just a few examples.
I’m going to break down how to get to the mouse settings on the computer, and then briefing walk you through all the options you have.
Keep in mind some operating systems have all the options we will talk about, and others will not. 

Change Mouse Settings on Windows 8

Swipe in from the right edge of the screen, and then tap Search. (If you're using a mouse, point to the upper-right corner of the screen, move the mouse pointer down, and then click Search.)

In the search box, enter Change how your mouse works, tap or click Settings, and then tap or click Change how your mouse works.

Change Mouse Settings on Windows 7

Open Mouse Properties by clicking the Start button, and then clicking Control Panel. In the search box, type mouse, and then click Mouse.

Change Mouse Settings on Windows Vista

Start button To Control Panel To Hardware and Sound To Mouse.

In the traditional screen on the Control Panel - just look for MOUSE under the options.
All your options should be in Alphabetical order if you are suing classic mode in the control panel.

Change Mouse Settings On Windows XP

Start button to Control Panel to Printers and Other Hardware To Mouse

Change Mouse Settings on Older Operating Systems

In older versions:
Start Button to Settings to Control Panel to Mouse

How-To Change the Mouse Settings on Your Computer

Keep in mind the mouse properties screen will look similar no matter what operating system you are using. 
You should be looking at a screen similar to the one below.    If you look at the top of this menu?  Make sure you are on the

Mouse Properties Buttons Tab

Mouse Properties Button Tab
Button Configuration
Notice the very TOP of this screen is Button Configuration.  As the description mentions if you have trouble ‘right clicking’, and you would rather LEFT click?  You can switch the primary function of the mouse to make it more comfortable for you.
Double Click Speed
Adjust the double click speed on your mouse to either slower or faster.  Some people just can’t double click fast enough, and they can slow that speed down so it is more responsive to their needs.  The opposite is also available.
This function can help with those that have trouble clicking on something, and having to HOLD the mouse key down for any length of time.  To be honest?  This function is better described in a visual manner, and I found this Youtube video that explains – and shows you visually how this option can help you.
Windows Mouse Properties Click Lock
If you made any changes that more fit your needs at this point?  Click apply, and these move to the next tab called Pointers.  Look to the TOP of this properties box for that.

Mouse Properties Pointers Tab

This Pointer section has already selected a Scheme.  If you look below it you will see the customize box, and it will show you what the appearance will look like.
Mouse Properties Pointers Tab
Here you can customize your mouse pointer to one you can more easily see, such as larger or higher-visibility pointers, by choosing one of the available schemes. Click on the drop-down box below the 'Scheme' header, or press Tab until the drop-down box is highlighted, then use the mouse or the up and down arrow keys to scroll through the options until you find the scheme you want.
As you scroll through the list, you will see the pictures changing to reflect the scheme that is highlighted at the time. If you have trouble seeing well, try the schemes labeled 'Large', 'Extra Large' and/or 'Inverted'.
When you've highlighted the scheme you want, click the 'OK' button
Below is a screen shot with the different Scheme’s that this computer user had on their machine.
mouse pointer screen
Enable Pointer Shadow
The pointer shadow being turned on puts a faint dark shadow under the mouse pointer arrow, giving it a 3D appearance and making it appear to "float" above other items on the screen.  This shadow also makes it easier to find the pointer on lightly colored websites or programs.
Once again, when you make changes make sure you click apply at the bottom to save your choices.

Mouse Properties Pointer Options

mouse properties pointer options
The pointer speed is how quickly you want that pointer to zip across your computer screen.  This is personal taste once again.
Enhance Pointer Precision
To make the pointer work more accurately when you're moving the mouse slowly, select the Enhance pointer precision check box.
Snap To
To speed the process of selecting a choice when a dialog box appears, select the Automatically move pointer to the default button in a dialog box check box .
I personally would rather do this myself, but some people do like the control of this option for personal reasons.
These three options may or may not be available to you, and once again they are personal preference.  They explanations are pretty much self explanatory.
To make the pointer easier to find when you move it, select the Display pointer trails check box, and then move the slider towards Short or Long to decrease or increase the length of the pointer trail.
To ensure that the pointer doesn't block your view of the text you're typing, select the Hide pointer while typing check box.
To find a misplaced pointer by pressing the CTRL key, select the Show location of pointer when I press the CTRL key check box.
Once again, if you make changes you should click apply at the bottom of the screen.

With some of the older operating systems like pictured below you options maybe more limited. 
Mouse Settings Properties ScreenM

Mouse Properties Wheel Options

mouse wheel
Just to make sure we are clear as to what the ‘Wheel’ is I have pointed to it in this picture.

Mouse Properties Wheel Options
Vertical Scrolling
To set the number of lines the screen will scroll for each notch of mouse wheel movement, under Vertical Scrolling, select The following number of lines at a time, and then enter the number of lines you want to scroll in the box.
To scroll an entire screen of text for each notch of the mouse wheel, under Vertical Scrolling, select One screen at a time.
A Notch you can FEEL a click when you roll your finger on it when it moves.
Horizontal Scrolling
If your mouse has a wheel that supports horizontal scrolling, under Horizontal Scrolling, in the Tilt the wheel to scroll the following number of characters at a time box, enter the number of characters you want to scroll horizontally when you tilt the wheel to the left or right.
Again all of this is personal preference, and if you made some changes make sure you click apply when finished.

Mouse Settings – Hardware

This basically is showing the software, drivers, etc. that the computer uses to operate your mouse.  I would leave that alone!

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